How to Write Unique Content in 20 Minutes

How to Write Unique Content in 20 Minutes

How to Write Unique Content in 20 Minutes

How to Write Unique Content in 20 Minutes

Content writing is the most important thing in blogging if you have done blogging before you will know the importance of content in google but if you are newbie let you know how the google give importance to the content you can search a lot of keywords and analyze the first page content you will automatically know the importance of content in eye of google.

How to Get Started with Article

Keep knowing about your niche/topic you can get all of the information about your topic by searching on google youtube wiki and a lot of sites you can get from google once you have all information about the article it’s very easy to write an effective article on your topic.

Make List of your topic

you can arrange your topics in a list and take a start from the first one. Find the introduction information about your topic and start writing on your topic try to not use common words in your topic try to make it easily readable and effective.

Keep your brain in your main Niche

Some time new bloggers add a lot of information that is not relevant to their topic and that’s how some irrelevant information can destroy the beauty of article. So to avoid this situation keep eye on your main topic.

Make Bullet points

Try to make bullet points where you need. It can make your article easily readable and effective people will take interest in your article and your article may get more audience if bullet points are not necessary don’t use it forcibly if you think now it is very important to use bullet point then must use it.


After finishing your article overview all the article and try to make it better and try to find all the mistakes from it and use some tools like Grammer Checker by SEOTOOLSGEEK and your article will be checked with premium grammar checker you can get a lot of benefits with this and read all of your article again and remove mistakes now your article is ready to publish.